Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical film and Brahms’ symphony

I watched movie, Ssang Hwa Jeom(trailer site), No.1 box office movie in Korea currently.

Story is based on our ancient Goryeo dynasty of 12th century. The director set an imaginary romantic relationship between a king and his knight(male). As you can expect, love triangle among a king, his wife a queen, and a knight leads to a tragic conclusion.

Yes, it’s buzzed for its homosexual
code. But anyway, for me, the move was fine. I like its unique story and reflex beauty. Colors and costumes are gorgeous, actors play well(I’m quite sure roles are very difficult to play), its soundtracks are sweet.
But just one little thing keeps bugging me - Brahms’symphony
in the middle of the movie!

Don’t take it wrong. I love classical music and Brahams. But Ssang Hwa Jeom and Brahams just don’t match well. Seems like traveling leisurely in 700-years-ago and all of a sudden waking up and jumping toward present with an alarm sound of Brahams.

Can’t get the music director’s aesthetics
. But overall, quite alright!