Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to make fantastic Ramyun?

Probably Ramyun(Ramen) is the most quick and simple food in Korea. But from time to time whenever I see hundreds of fascinating recipes, I seriously doubt that. Is cooking Ramyun really easy? If you are not a gourmet, the answer would be YES. But if you have sophisticated taste, making delicious Ramyun would be quite a challenge.

So, here are some useful tips commonly told from masters of Ramyun.

First and foremost, cook quickly under maximum fire! Always boil the water first and put noodles later(Do not put noodles in the cold water). Ramyun should be cooked less than 5 minutes.

Second, a pot is important. It’s also related to the first principle. In order to cook quickly, a thin pot with high thermal-conductivity is recommended. A nickel silver pot-Yang Eun Nambi-is most popular in Korea.

Finally, 'air contact' is also important. When cooking noodles, don’t leave them alone. Instead, keep raising(into the air) and sinking(into the water). By doing this, noodles’ elasticity is increased.

You've now mastered Ramyun 101! Congratulations! Next time, let’s go through what goes well with Ramyun and what doesn't.

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